Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Where are all the women?


It feels a while since I wrote here properly.

The reason? I've been busy trying to compile all I've done on my art journey into a series of creativity and art tips 'workbooks'.

And writing and sending out the 21 FREE tips. If you read here regularly you may know I've been wanting to start the Experimental Art Academy. However - as I explained to my mailing list - there are times when ideas simply don't come or flow. And that's what happened to me.

As I spent time musing over ideas another idea manifested itself (the workbooks) and I am going with this.

I have spent years writing down ideas on scraps of paper, making notes in moleskines and writing in word documents. I didn't realise quite how much I had been gathering but I discovered many of them this Summer. And so it's all there. The explorations, the ideas, the experiments, the art techniques I've tried and discovered and I'm going to share it all.

My feeling is that the Academy will lead off naturally from this (off? out? from?!) And so, like many experimental things in my life. I'm going with it. I'm going to dare to do, to share, to see where it takes both you and me - if you decide to join in with it of course :)

It will be 6 workbooks delivered monthly. I've been working hard on developing a new website for experimental art and creativity. I will show you tomorrow. I am tweaking, and getting ready to launch ;)

And this is why I've been a little absent of late.

But why the blog title?

Ok, well as part of my research - looking for quotes, artists, inspirers, leaders etc I couldn't help but notice how such a disproportionate amount of them are men? (Or am I missing something and they're hiding out there and I haven't discovered them?!)

I often seek role models, people who have started to light a way forward, it somehow means even more to me when the trailblazers or unique thinkers are women.

Why are there not more of them out there? If you have any answers or theories, do let me know.

Maybe it's time to step up our game - who knows.

I look forward to sharing more and I will of course, be back here tomorrow to reveal all.

Oh, I did find a good quote from Mary Oliver I liked very much whilst hunting:

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

All my energy is going in to writing the 21 FREE creativity tips & art ideas. We have one week left if you still want to join/see them :) - see post below. Will write more soon.

Monday, 8 September 2014

day 1 of '21 FREE creativity tips & art ideas'

Dear all,

Just to let you know that the first of the 21 day FREE creativity tips & art ideas challenge has gone out today and we've officially started.

I've just sent the first email - if you signed up to the list and haven't received your tip in to your inbox, just let me know (via email), and I will check you are on the list. It's also a good way for me to discover if mailchimp is doing its task properly and delivering to one and all - so yes, do let me know.

The image above is a clue as to the first tip for day #1 ;)

If you want to join in, remember you can sign up here. More in the post below.

I'm looking forward to seeing what people get up to in our communal online space too :)


Thursday, 4 September 2014

What's in it for you.......

couldn't resist a reminder that dreams do come true ;)

The Summer hols are officially over, but the good thing is...... I've had time to reflect and pin point what it is I want to do with this creative biz.

The Experimental Art Academy idea has been formulating in my mind, and in the process a tonne of other ideas have also manifested, and well, it's time to start sharing them a bit more as the Academy idea I believe, will be taking a bit more time and consideration and I don't want to leave you waiting too long.

Firstly, I had to sort out my mailing lists. It had become one, whereas I realise it needs to be 2.

List 1: There is an exhibitions mailing list for shows & events my art and I are involved in - you can subscribe here

List 2: is a list for those who would like to have experimental & creative living tips, art ideas, knowledge of upcoming courses, tutoring etc for your own creativity and art projects - you can subscribe here.

It felt tricky and no doubt, like many things, it's all a bit experimental. But I figure that this should work. And I want to make it clear that you can be on both lists - but knowing what you get from each is important information :)

I've currently cleared away my 12 exciting art experiments free e-book that came with my list 'one' as some of the links are out of date. But no worries, I will be composing a new freebie to give away soon ;)

So, what's in it for you right now?

If you would like to be involved in an idea that's hatched here's what's happening -

In the abundance of ideas over the summer, the '21 FREE creativity tips and art ideas' wended their way in to my mind and I want to share them. They only way to receive them is to be signed up to my new art info (for you) mailing list.

Within the next week or so, I intend to start sending out a FREE creativity tip a day for 21 days - this means we can all get stuck in to being creative and experimental together. This time of year always reminds me of starting new courses and going back to school and initiating new projects and so I can't wait to get stuck in too.

I will create a communal page to share what we've done and I'm going to join in this time too and share what I create along with you guys on the group.

It is totally FREE to join in with this 21 FREE creativity tips & art ideas, you just need to be subscribed to this mailing list if you haven't already.

PLEASE NOTE: if you've done a course with me, opted in to my other mailing list online, or shown an interest in knowing more about my experimental art e-courses or academy, you will already be subscribed to this new list - however, you can unsubscribe once you start receiving the emails if you decide you don't wish to be on the list.

The idea:

The idea is that by doing this we will have more time to formulate the best plans for future courses and other creative ideas together, and can hopefully start a conversation between us about what it is you might really be looking for from an academy or any other products I create.

There has also been some books waiting to burst out of me for a while (as you might already know!) and I'm thinking: a series of creativity workbooks - these seem to be prodding me at the moment. Another idea I'm finding a way to develop.

It's all very exciting and I can't wait to share what it is I've composed for 21 days.

Do spread the word to anyone else whom you think might be interested. It's a series of tips we can do to get into the mindset of being and thinking creatively and acting like the artist we want to be ;) All things I've done which have fuelled the path to where I am now.

And..... An ART PARTY!

Finally, if you are in the UK (near to London 'cos that's where it's happening), we at ArtLacuna are having an art party 'show and exchange', and ANYONE who does art is welcome to come along and hang up a bit of their art up and in exchange, go home with a piece of some-one else's art, and in between that, have some fun, a drink and meet others too. Can you think of anything better? :)

See here for more and I really hope you can come along.

Back soon!


Sunday, 31 August 2014

a dream, a dream, a dream come true!

Dear friends,

I tried to write a short blog post before I went off on a much needed break. I didn't quite have the time it so appeared. But here was the pic that was meant to go up:

Taken of the front of a card given to my daughter for a special birthday not so long ago :)

I also wanted to say that I have been reading this excellent book, found on the shelves of a dear friend's house. It seems ironic as I beetled off to France for a hols without kids. I found myself living out one of my dreams - I am so lucky and I sometimes wish I was back there now. #wild dolphins


I even heard them speaking underwater when I jumped in! It was amazing.

I have been reading old blog posts tonight and realising how very far I have come. How all the reading, the mindfulness, the ground-work must be paying off especially when dreams become a reality. It is a good feeling. But there is always expansion, time to grow in to the next phase. I'm sensing now in the world is a really good time to think positively and call forth and imagine what we would like and not the opposite!

Here's to fulfilling your dreams and living the (best) life you imagine.


Thursday, 14 August 2014

instagram ideas (P R I N T E D)

I'm in Bognor Regis #Butlins :)

Lately I've been getting back in to taking instagram pics. I enjoy the thrill of finding something eye catching and carefully framing it in a little square. Easy capture - as my phone is in my pocket and I can mail it to myself too.

The idea of re-framing the world to create little magical images appeals. An opportunity to seek and find something pleasing out there, using the lens to create a mini piece of art. At least that's how I see it. It's about seeing (not just looking), which always feeds in to the art-making process for me. Cut out the clutter, home in on what you want to view/create.

For a while I've been harbouring the notion of turning the pics in to something real too. 

So, some ideas for you and me:

:: Printed photos with polargram - if you've already got an intagram account just log in and select images and get them printed!

:: Ceramic instagram pic tiles with imagesnap - they ship internationally although it seems a little long-winded for those of us in the UK (link at bottom of page)

:: One in the UK for photos to tiles - Splashbacks and all sorts created due to their addition of a special protective solution

::  Photobook - make your own instagram photobook of daily pics with blurb - I LOVE books!

:: Greetings cards - this company looks rather gorgeous; printstagram - based in the USA again although they ship internationally. Inkifi is based in the UK though

:: Business Cards - moo.com are a rather delicious company (albeit not the cheapest) and are now doing square business cards if you'd like your gorgeous snaps to become your calling cards ;)

:: Stickers! Get your favourite images as stickers you can stick up around the world with printed.com

:: Fridge magnets here

Saturday, 9 August 2014

the journey to expansion

a recent collage of mine

Dear friends,

Their is an urge to share more on this journey right now.

As many of you know, life is full of ups and downs here, but somehow in sharing there is strength, room for reflection and maybe even inspiration.

I feel a pull toward something bigger at the moment, which has happened before. It normally means a change is about to occur. And it can also feel uncomfortable at times.

Many of you will know I'm scribing the Experimental Art Academy and sorting out for the next new art e-course. However, one thing I've often 'suffered' from (not sure if suffered is the right word?!) is trying to do everything my self. I mean everything. From running my business, to cleaning my house, to caring for my kids. Sometimes my stress levels hit the roof and dreams about having a gardener, cleaner, nanny, admin assistant, tech assistant etc etc kick in. I often look at large and successful bloggers and (if they have kids especially) am quite convinced they have an army of little secret gnomes assisting them in their pursuits and obvious successes but they don't tell anyone.

It feels time to let my guard down and admit the desire for some support on this ole journey at this stage. To be able to say 'will and can you help me here?' and for one reason or another, that often remains a challenge for me.

However, I've decided to say just that. To let my need/fear/desire to do it all on my very own (does this come from being a lone parent and having to do so much alone do you think?!) and gather in a guide and some support. I am choosing to work with others to grow into the next stage of my journey. If I am able to offer myself as a guide as such, surely it's best to be able to do the very same myself?

I am definitely of the ilk that believes that if one is a tutor/teacher/guide/mentor in any way then we are at our best when we too are always still learning/being guided and mentored. I may 'teach' (or maybe guide is a better word?) art, but am always delving in to learning it too. Always on a course, or asking, or reading/researching, observing and doing. In fact I am so excited to have just enrolled on a printing course starting September. Hopefully it will co-incide with the beginnings (fingers crossed) of the experimental art academy whereby one idea is that we will work as a core group on our individual art projects TOGETHER. Yes, I'd like to be doing the art with you this time too :)

So, I am seeking ways to work this 'assistance' or support in to my life right now. It's part of the E X P A N S I O N - life is one never-ending spiral of growth and evolution. It's natural. I frequently read that some of the most successful bloggers and/or solo business owners have often-times invested in others to help them on their journey and that that is vital. To mastermind with masterminds builds all sorts of gold and delights and successes and expansion.  I am being a little cryptic, but will share more once the plan is completed ;)

I am reading my way through this (FREE!) e-book at the moment, and feel an emotive 'yes!' when reading such as: 
"Today, you are called to find your unique vocation and to discover a work ethic of joy. This means work that utilises the best of you, your talents, your gifts and your best spiritual self. Instead of chasing success, follow your joy."
Just a lovely reminder that life is about finding our individual joy, growing in our path of doing what we love. Admittedly, it's not necessarily an easy path just because it's joyful but nevertheless it's worth doing if you love it.

Some reflections for you.....

Who can you go visit for inspiration? 
What can you do to build your vision of expansion?
How can you ask for assistance/inspiration/guidance from?
What is your joy and are you doing it?

Go do it!