Friday, 4 April 2014

Martin Luther King - Strength to Love

Could not have put it better!

From Frieze Archives (Issue 148)

Am currently attempting to re-visit: What Do Pictures Want?



Monday, 24 March 2014

an experiment.......

studio experiments 2014

Hello again,

thank you kindly for your comments and the emails I received (re. post below). It was good to put out there what I felt about writing this blog, as I realised by doing that I don't want to give it up completely, at least not just yet, I just need to change some things.

So, I will be conducting an experiment; changing some bits, culling some content (you may have noticed a bit of pruning already), and attempting to keep the content, well, art-streamed.

There's things I often find myself wanting to leap back here and share. And so until I get a 'different' vibe, I will continue this. I love having you around and a place to exchange and trial ideas.

I'd love to tell you about the Richard Hamilton Show I've just been to see at Tate. Something so wonderfully different about viewing images in reality that I've only ever seen in re-production.

Some notes I made:

- re-work one piece/theme/idea into many works rather than one final single image
- consider: subject; materials; modes of representation
- excessive photo enlargements as ways of seeing - observe shapes that emerge
- Investigations of photographic processes
- Duchampian idea: everything has an opposite - how can this be explored?

I've been doing an art course myself recently which I've thoroughly enjoyed: 're-interpreting old masters' - a great way of looking at artists historically (usually painters) to see how they themselves copied or 're-interpreted' great masters from the past. I've had great fun doing this. Looking at how Picasso would spend hours in the studio re-doing classic paintings in various styles and the same with Hockney (sometimes I wish there were more great works by women to refer to, but I guess that's up to us to change that for the future ;). It co-incides with Hockney's print show at Dulwich Gallery.

I've even ordered this book: Hockney's Pictures

I've been thinking about setting oneself rules in art and finding alternate ways to re-interpret images that already exist.

There is so much to be said for observing, finding ways to look at the world, and then re-look. To conduct visual exercises (like any other form of exercise).

A list begun (please add to if you wish) of how to re-interpret an image:

- make a 3D version of it
- re-do the image in geometric planes/shapes
- collage it
- create it out of household objects
- create the essence of the image
- re-interpret it as a feeling
- symbolise the image with objects
- remove/erase elements
- shred it/slice it and re-assemble
- create it in light
- crop and re-create a part of it
- paint it, or paint over a reproduction


The weather has been sunny here. Like Spring is truly on her way. I love the white blossoms interspersed in the city of London, and the pale golden light. Reminds me that Summer is coming, and hopefully there will be no more notorious wind and storms that reigned this Winter.

I've been spending more time down in the studio space @ArtLacuna recently. It feels good, and I realise how much time is needed to experiment and reflect. I love the notion of re-visiting something that started a while ago and like Hamilton, doing variations on the same piece.

And so, I will stay with the blog for now, and share things you may also find of interest, as well as bits of my own journey in art.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

end of an era?

Dear cyber space friends,

Recently I have been feeling as though this blog isn't doing what I want it to do anymore.

I can't say for sure what it is I do want it to do, but something no longer feels as harmonious with me as it once did.

Maybe it's because, since 2009 things have changed and I have changed. I feel a little sad, I also feel a little confused.

I have tried to be private, although I'm a naturally open person, and whilst I've spoken about my trials and tribulations as a parent I feel that a level of privacy is needed now as my youngest grows older, because as we know, the internet and what we write and say on it is open to one and all. Something simply doesn't quite feel right any more.

I know I have touched people with the things I've written - and that's what I wanted to do; offer a beacon of light and hope maybe to others as I foraged for my own beacons of light and hope (and believe me they have manifested).

I am doing many of the things I've dreamt of doing, but like all things, the dreams grow and expand, the directions one takes, begin to point the way forward to new directions as the journey is taken - and that's what's been happening with me.

I choose at this time to expand my art into the realms of my widest possible hopes and imaginings. I choose for it to develop down pathways I haven't yet even scoped, but I know those won't show themselves unless I show up 100% in all my possibility. And I am feeling now is the time to do this. To show up, to make the space and to allow greater things to come through.

It is hard running an artists run space, but at the same time it's been one of the best things - a dedicated space to engage and create dialogue/s in their entirety. I am lucky. And I'm so grateful, but I know it also needs nurturing to survive, like anything does, and I would like to nurture the art and all of these projects more, and each of these require time and energy. And there is still much time and energy that goes in to parenting and the side-products of this. I feel wiped often and whilst blogging does not feel a chore, I'm aware that I haven't been posting as frequently as I once did.

I realise this is also a cycle that other bloggers go through too. I need to time to withdraw, to reflect and gather my breath and a new perspective on things. Maybe things will change again, maybe I will find a new place in the cyber-sphere to write, or maybe I no longer need to write like I once did. I don't really know the answers, although answers are never static anyway - they change - and that's what it feels like right now. TIME FOR CHANGE.

I have revamped my website - you might want to take a look: (and I'm still tweaking and adding currently!)

There are some additions there and you can see some of the things I've been up to that I hadn't figured out how to get up effectively on my old site.

If you find that this site goes awol temporarily it is because I am figuring out and reflecting. I tried turning it off today, but felt that I needed to explain to those of you who may still visit and read, and want to know what's happening. And thank you to each and every one of you who visited over the years, and commented, and joined my e-course (yes, whilst doing the changes I lost that part of my site too - strange or what?!), those who have emailed me personally, who I've met in person and those of you who frankly, have become friends in one way or another. You are all great :) 

You can always email me and see updates on my new site, and there is always artlacuna if you wish to know what I/we are up to and you can come and visit!

Maybe I'll have a change of heart, who knows? But that remains to be seen.


Friday, 7 March 2014

Ways of Seeing

I recently discovered this. Not sure if I've posted it before or not (?!) such is my life that I forget and repeat things muchly.

Anyhow, it's worth a peruse. Question all that you think you know about art of the past, oh and 'publicity'.

Episode 2 is here

Episode 3 is here

Episode 4 is here

Brilliant. Enjoy.

I am on a wild journey of making at the moment. Head down, materials out. Lost and found simultaneously.....

Must see Richard Hamilton also.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

recent work involving: secret knowledge, light & optical devices......

At the start of February, I had the privilege of working with Laura Marker in ArtLacuna - we have this great space we've created and the large gallery/project space has been begging for use between exhibitions and events.

We spent 4 intense days working with sourced and found imagery. Coming with open minds and images that both of us had been already working with - but that neither knew about - we found a natural cross-over for our collaboration.

I have been perusing Deleuze's The Fold, Gen Doy's Drapery and David Hockney's Secret Knowledge. Still I am fascinated by the representations of 'bodies' and identity both in contemporary visual culture as well as historically. I have been investigating the removal of bodies and wondering what we would be left with.......

Lens features in my work as a system by which we see mediated views of the world - or is it simply 'a world'? Therefore Laura was a natural partner to work with given her use of lens, and her exploration of falsity and truth as a result of optical devices.

It was fascinating and tiring as we created this immersive installation on all four walls. Utilising glass, lens', digital projectors, slide projectors, mirrors, and prisms. I enjoyed the way that images created by light could also become intriguing collages; the separation of parts, creating other illusions. There is more to come with this, but I know it will unfold naturally.

I am embedding myself more down at ArtLacuna as a working space. Spending endless days 'working away' at things, not entirely sure where I am going, but knowing that making is a methodology I need to explore right now.

Experimentation is key as everything is 'within' - it's about finding ways to tap in to it.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

14 things

this image is nothing more than a visual thought/record whilst working in my studio....

Dancing in amongst the world of art. Imagining a better/different future. Scoping in amongst the scraps of imagery and finding a way to weave them together. Collecting experiences. Gathering ideas. Assembling text. Setting myself rules. Ripping. Exercising. Seeking a sense of something I haven't quite yet put my finger on......

- have been reading: Society of the Spectacle

- Making my way through The Fold

- Absorbing works in The National Gallery (I realise I will need to go back many times the more research I do and links with the book above)

- Visiting the London Art Fair

- Loving the works at one of my favourite galleries

- Some great shows/courses/lectures coming up here

- bumped in to one of my ex-tutors from my BA course; you might want to check out her project here

- Fantastic visual interview with this artist (how I wish I had a studio like this)

- Discovered this article on Collage Now

- Love this song by Warpaint

- ArtLacuna has a great one night only coming up Thursday 30th January, see here

- Looking forward to visiting this collage exhibition

- less than one week to go for the next course with me

- Interesting studio methodology by this artist

Saturday, 4 January 2014

fresh beginnings for 2014

What might you be looking at in this image do you think?

I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts.........

And here's wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The end of last year went in a total blur. A much needed rest was had, and now I'm slowly picking up the pieces.

I find with the new year a new rhythm of work comes. Taken a while but maybe I'm finding out my yearly work cycle. As a Capricorn, Winters are a time of inspiration and ideas for me. There is lots of gathering and new work has begun, or is it that it's just continuing?.... I read recently that art is never really a 'finished product' but a point in the endless journey that makes one an artist.

"There really is no such thing as Art. There are only artists". 

From The Story of Art

What is 2014 going to mean for you?


Also: developing my own art, and my art collection. I love surrounding myself with art.

With so much to catch up on, a list to share with you:

- discovering Penguin Books Great Ideas books

- currently reading Walter Benjamin's The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

- inspired by artists; an interview with Maggi Hambling here

- visited this exhibition yesterday which I really enjoyed: Old Master Dialogues (on until Jan 29th 2014)

- Rejuvenating in Bath & at the Thermae Spa 

- getting ready for the next experimental art e-course. I think this may be the last one for a while, so if you're thinking of doing it, or wanting to re-do it, now's a great time...


I intend to write more about my journey in art in this space. At the moment my camera is out, a corner at home has been carved out so I can run upstairs at busy times and pursue the ideas that come at all times of the day and night (and make it more seamless with parent-hood). There are bits of paper floating around, I've taken the chalks out again, and I'm seeking out the objects I may need for a new series of works on ebay. I love what one can get their hands on on ebay. 

I feel I occupy a space between midnight and dawn. A place that never really quite meets, but so much goes on in that space. Visual art becomes a language to explore those ideas and feelings. How can I articulate what words are simply not enough to express? This is where I wish to work right now.